All photography provided by Len Maydwell.

"It wasn't until teaching others the craft of writing that I discovered my own gift."  - Lisa Maydwell



Everyone has been given a gift and it is up to each individual to discover and perfect that gift.  I believe in helping local artists, providing them a platform to live it out loud.

Engaging from start to finish! Her passion for characters, scenery and props captivates the imagination that will leave you with a heartfelt message that is life changing.
— Sherry Fincher, voice talent
Lisa has a passion for the arts [...] her writing is very detailed and easy to follow. She is a problem solver and she knows how to design and create an upbeat set to meet the needs of all involved.
— Rita Kendall, educator and entreprenuer
I’m so grateful that Lisa gave me an opportunity to be the star of the show; I enjoy the professionalism exhibited on the set. Thank you for helping my dreams become reality!
— Tawj Monroe, host of "Cooking with Munchies"

Thank you for the opportunity to work with someone as brilliant as you, it has been an honor.
— Shanae Richardson, Mrs. Mable of "My Brother's Shadow"
Thank you for the opportunity to be in My Brother’s Shadow. I am going to frame my first professional check.
— Cindy Brown, Mrs. Sanders in "My Brother's Shadow"